Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 56 Why don't You Go Die?

Ten minutes later, that alt account posted another microblog. The content of the microblog was a few pictures of Sally being taken

away by the hospital security.

The two microblogs were forwarded by several social media influencers at almost the same time.

Soon, the news that Sally had broken into the hospital and murdered Amy with the power behind her friend went viral on the internet.

She became the most brutal person among the Bentson City s celebrities.

The situation of the Cox family was revealed. Information about every member of the Cox family was exposed.

Sally also had a sister and a brother. Her sister had an abortion at the hospital last year and her brother was detained at the casino. All of these things have been exposed.

The Cox family wasn't famous, but the Cox Group was kind of established in the business community of Bentson City.

Doris and Larry had just fallen in love this year and were already at the point of getting married.

As long as they got married, the Cox family would be in high society too.

But now, the things her sister had done in the past, the boyfriends she had, and the abortions she had, were all exposed one by one. In short, it was miserable.

When Sally switched her phone on, numerous caller IDs popped up.

There were calls from Emily and Joe, from the Cox family, and many other strange numbers.

As soon as the phone was turned on, her brother Richard called.

"Sally, what are you doing? You're trying to get us killed, aren't you? CEO Reed canceled the meeting. You've completely screwed up this project of mine"

"You bastard. Does the Cox family owe you in the last life, so do this to us now?”

"The news that l was taken from the casino spread. How am l going to stay in the business community of Bentson City? The Cox Group is going to go bankrupt because of you!"

Sally really didn't know that cyber violence could be so powerful. She really didn't know.

Richard was probably on to something. He cursed for a few minutes and then hung up the phone.

But as soon as he hung up, her sister Mandy's phone called.

a bitch. You're a pest. Why are

those things, and he doesn't want me anymore. He's breaking up with

happy now? I'm totally ruined by you!

know exactly where she was wrong. All she knew was that every time her sister spoke up, she subconsciously took

knew it, she had stepped back to the railing and couldn't step back

back and realized that she hadn't left the hospital at all, but had somehow made her way

the railing were dozens of stories in the

you back. You're just a jinx. Why didn't you die out

hoarse and her hands kept shaking as

of saying sorry? Give Larry back to me!

like him. I had such a hard time getting

because of you! Why do you mess

that you were forced to die by those people. They were the

to hell. You go to

hand fell to the ground. She looked back numbly at the sky beyond the railing.

know why things had come to this. She didn't even understand what she'd done

internet didn't know anything, yet they were all calling her a bitch and asking

she died, would it all

tracked Sally’s location. She's in the Suntech

after Sally turned on the phone, Joe informed

Emily suddenly felt a strong sense of

members of the Cox family have been exposed for what they've done. Sally must be

walking. Soon, Emily heard the sound

call Sally and calm her down.

up the phone and looked at Hunter

In the meantime,

didn't function very well. Even if she didn't put it on speakerphone, people around her could hear

hurried to

anything. He raised his hands and turned the steering wheel. The car turned at the intersection and headed toward

Sally at this time because she was

of her in heavy make-up, smoking and drinking have been posted again, as well as pictures of

taken at sụch an elaborate angle that it gave the impression that their relationship was unusual. In fact, it was just pictures of a very normal relationship. In fact, it was clear from these pictures that someone had been watching her

but stupid. Úp until

was the difference between Sally now and her in the last

to go through something to really grow

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