Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 54 Do You Like My Woman?

"Manson, what the hell do you want?" Emily clenched her hands.

Manson was so clear about her and Sally's affairs. Did he... send someone to spy on them?

"I don't want anything. l just want to make you unhappy, make you uncomfortable, and make you... feel like hell on earth."

Manson smiled coldly, even if Emily looked calm on the outside, he could see her anxiety at this time.

lt turned out that she was more nervous about the girl named Sally than he thought.

"You are sick!" Emily cursed.

"I'm just a normal person, you as Young Master Manson, why do you even bother with me?"

She really didn't understand, what did she do to offend him?

"If there was something I have done to you before, I apologize to you, okay?"

What else could he do besides bullying her to release his anger? It would not do him any good.

How could a person who cared so mụuch about fame and fortune like Manson did things that hurt others but disadvantaged himself?

She really didn't understand.

Manson himself didn't even know why he wanted to anger her.

If it was because of Hunter s punch, it was Hunter that he should be hating, it had nothing to do with her.

But every time he saw her, he would be pulled towards her inexplicably.

But every time when he was approaching her, and looked at her face clearly, he was immediately disgusted by her.

Perhaps for this reason, he just didn't like the ugly girl!

"Weren't you still very proud just now? Why apologize to me? You should be tough all the way!"

"Young Master Manson...'

"If you really want to apologize, there is a way that l can forgive you.'

Mansons lips curled up, and a sneer flashed across his eyes.

Emily squeezed her fist, she really didn't have much hatred for him, and she didn't know what he wanted from her.

If she was alone, she was not afraid of anything at all, buụt she couldn't let anyone hurt Sally.

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