Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 50 Stop Trying my Patience

In fact, Hunter was also thinking about it.

If he wanted to check if Emily's wrist was badly injured, why didn't he just pull her over by force?

But, if he did so, would it hurt her even more?

“Liam is outside. You can leave,' he sat in a chair and stared at her.

“What are you trying to do?” Emily already knew that she couldn't leave, so was he just here to show ofÍf now?

When did Master .Jackson become so free? The group went out of business?

Hunter suddenly stood up and walked towards Emily.

She panicked and subconsciously stepped back, “What the hell do you want to do? Master Jackson, I already have no way and no intention to find out who is to blame, so stop pushing me too far!”

She was so angry that she wanted to cry!

IÍ it were anyone else, she would have resisted to the end. But, he was Hunter Jackson, a man she knew she couldn't fight against no matter what!

Since she was destined to lose, destined not to be able to revenge for Sally, why doesn't he just leave her alone?

Hunter walked up to her. Emily was usually afraid of him. But, she could occasionally be so brave for the sake of her friends.

Emily glared at him, “You...”

He suddenly reached out and picked her up in his arms, walking towards the bed.

“Let go of met” Emily pushed him hard. She accidentally hurt her wrist again.

Her face was full of pain, and Hunter noticed it.

Hunter placed her on the bed and took away the towel on her wrist, trying to pull her hand out.

Emily, however, pulled her hand back hard even with the pain.

He frowned, said unhappily, “Emily, there is a limit to my patience, must you treat me in such way?”

“I can get along with you if you don't tell me who's the person behind all of this!”

He held her hand in his. She couldn't break free. She looked away, not willing to look at him.

“You better give up.”

“Hunter Jackson!”

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