Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 4: Behave yourself

Ah... Liam flinched and the car almost mounted the curb.


Unacceptable, this is totally unacceptable! Never has there been any woman who dares to be so disrespectful to Mr. Hunter!


Will the master throw her out of the car?


Emily squinted her eyes and stared at the dashingly handsome face, her breathing was fast and labored.


Hunter's face was ice-cold, his fingers pinched her chin and lifted her face. "Who did this to you?”


Tonight was their engagement. Although he didn't have any feelings for his fiancée, she was still his fiancée. Whoever did this to her might as well attacked him. He narrowed his eyes, and with an air of vengeance, he coldly said, "Was it those two men?”


answer that question. Trying to break free from his grip, her head tilted forward


flinched again and the car almost


do you know what you are doing?" Hunter gently pushed her back, but she still held onto her shoulders. That




seemed to be drowned by her


her shoulders and initially he wanted to let go, but the


the girl in his embrace was like a ticking


again, but this time


girl could


as ice during high-pressure situations, but he was losing his


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