Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 3: Hunter, You scum


Time stood still in the car.


Emily's hand was trembling and Liam, the driver, broke out in cold sweat. He was worried about the cut on the master's neck.


Only Hunter remained expressionless and emotionless throughout the encounter. He glanced outside at the two men and said, to Emily and Liams disbelief, "Drive!"


"Dri... Drive?" Liam was shocked. Was his boss really being threatened by his future wife?


Mr. Hunter was revered as a god in Bentson City. He has never ever been threatened before, especially by someone holding a knife. Anyone who dared might as well been asking for death.


Emily could not think straight. As the car drove out of the hotel car park , she eased the grip and the eyebrow trimmer slipped from her grasp.