Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 2: Missus, threatened Master


Emily opened her eyes and found that she was reborn.


She looked at herself in the mirror.


Her body felt unbearable hot and her face was covered with thick makeup. She was wearing a plunging V neckline gown, the time on the clock was exactly 7:48 in the evening.


This was all too familiar, and Emily shuddered at the memory.


She revived from her death and found herself back in her 18-year old body. This night was her engagement to Hunter Jackson.


In her previous life, it was at this engagement event that she was drugged. When Hunter's subordinates came to look for her, she was making out with two male make-up artists.


This was stopped by Hunter's subordinates and they did their best to protect her dignity. Unfortunately, it became the talk of the town and blemished her character. Despite this, Hunter still fulfilled his grandmother's wishes and married her. But from that point on, he never trusted her again.


Now, it was only two minutes from the event that caused most of her life's problems.


to wake herself from the effects of the drug that


open the door, she could hear a voice saying "You must get this right. You


Ms. Gale. Rest assured. No one will know that you are involved,' a strange man's


voice softly replied, "When this ¡is done, [I'll send the rest of


Ms. Gale, you just sit back and enjoy the


her hands even harder. She had never suspected Wendy before but it was Wendy who


started to panic. Oh no. lf they enter with her in this condition, she wouldn't be able


remain here, she


the door to the restroom. .Just as she closed the


"Check out


she could, Emily got out of the restroom and into the corridor. She continued to stumble


she entered the lift, she heard from the long corridor the male make-up artists voices, ˆOh nol That woman has escaped! We


and now the grand ballroom was


shell do under the influence of the drugs. Barely conscious, she took the


she must leave this


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