Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 39: I'm here. Don't panic!


Apparently, there had been a car accident on Cloud Port Road, and a small section of the refuge island on the side near the sea had been destroyed.


The drivers had been already sent to the hospital. The related staff was cleaning the scene. But Sally was not here.


"Sallys phone!" Emily found Sallys mobile phone in the items cleaned out by the staff.


She tried to get it, but she was stopped by one of the staff.


"You can't move these things just yet.'


"That belongs to my friend!" Emily said in a hurry, “Are you sure only two drivers were taken to the hospital? Have you seen a girl? There was a girl about my age in one of the cars!"


"Sorry, the ambulance took away both drivers, both of whom were men, not the girl you mentioned."


"Impossible! My friend was in the car!" Why did she go away and leave her mobile phone here?


"Is there a girl in her late teens? Please. it's her phone. She was in the car when the accident happened!"


"We have no idea." When the ambulance came, they already arrived at the scene. lt was true that only two drivers were sent to the hospital.


"That's impossible! Check again, please! She must have been there!"


The staff did not want to talk to her anymore. Emily wanted to catch them up but was pulled back by Hunter.


Her legs went limp and she accidentally bumped into his arms.


Hunter subconsciously held her in the arms, stopping her from catching the staff there at the same time.


"Let me go, Hunter. I still have a lot of questions...'


ignoring her words, Hunter dialed a number and issued coolly a command, "Check all surveillance videos of this area and investigate any vehicles passing by around 7:30 p.m."


He hung up and looked down at the girl in his arms.


"They have no reasons to lie to you. lt is useless to ask more."


Of course, she knew it!


for no reason after a car accident now. Emily had totally been in a state of


not find herself in the arms of


looked up at him as if this man had become


appearance let Hunter's


but as things stood, it


about your friend's family? Does she have


and their relationships


enemy could Sally


at school. She couldnt


really an enemy, it could only be Emily's


follow Emily, obeying her orders


Are enemy?


life, those kidnappers did take Emily as the target. lt was


meet the kidnappers in this


Hunter s cell phone rang and he immediately


not monitored. But we have found someone that is similar


was indeed Sally. Emily recognized her


alone, with no one kidnapping her. Why did she do that? How did


had been on a yacht. She was

phone's speaker on, in order to let Emily get the latest news.

her in his


not at sea, not


previous life, Sallys body was


sea. Sally,

he held Emily closer and said quietly, 'Listen to me.


up at him as if frightened by his


phone. He said calmly, "Get the speedboats ready and go out to sea


the phone and


was he taking


search. I'lÌ keep you company." He could feel that her legs were still weak now. Although he did not know why the girl had panicked like that, he was sure she


her legs were too weak to walk,


your phone. There may be some


reminded Emily. She immediately


the moment,


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