Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 38: Emily, are you going to run away again?


Hunter accepted the toast from Wendy!


The man who seldom got close to the female and kept a respectful distance with them didn't refuse a toast from Wendy!


lt was so clear that her toast to Hunter was a sign of affection.


So did that mean that Hunter accepts Wendy?


The rumor that Hunter liked Wendy, but was engaged to Emily because of the arrangement of the elders seemed to be true.


Looked at the wine glass in Hunter s hand, Liam wanted to say something, but he dared not.


He had no right to question the young master s manner.


Wendy watched Hunter finishing the red wine, being filled with excited feelings in her heart.


Taking the empty glass from Hunter, she unconsciously looked back at Emily in the distance.


Wendy expected to see Emily s envious look. However, Emily's attention was it on them at all.


She instantly concentrated on the man in front of herself, looking at Hunter's face that could drive women crazy, and showed him the best smile she could have.




But suddenly the light dimmed in Hunter s eyes. And he walked directly toward the corner.


Before that, Emily had taken the phone and walked to the hotel door.


"What? Are you on your way here? Sally! didn't I tell you you are not allowed to go out? Why do you disobey me!"


Emily received a phone call from Sally, knowing that she was coming to the hotel from the school. Emily broke out in a cold sweat at once.


"Sally, I order you to go back to school now, right now! Do you hear me!”


"Emily, don't worry. lt is Liam, the man who always stood besides Hunter, send an invitation letter to me. I was officially invited ”


ln contrast to Emily's anxiety, Sally seemed extremely excited.


"I was really invited, and I dressed up tonight. I won't embarrass you, you can trust me.”


"Who cares whether you would embarrass me?" Emily was worried about something else.




to prove that he is not a bad guy, for I said something bad about Hunter in the car that


time to care


I was not


things she couldn't say. Because no one


was really


where are you now? Are


my way here, at Cloud


a bang! There seemed


dropped on the ground. From the phone


happened? Sally?


mobile phone suddenly turned no signal. After beep two sound, it completely


it could not


was a spasm of convulsions in her heart. The memory of her previous life emerged. She remembered


“No! Nol"


Port Road... The hotel was by the sea, so


about it. She immediately rushed out from the door and into the plaza in front of the hotel, trying to


grabbed her


startled and struggled at once, Let


you wanna run away from wedding again?” Hunter's face was slightly


would the girl take


agreement. You can afford it if you dare

go!” Emily struggled


that her eyes were full of fear and


she was going to run away from


frowned, asking in a softer


was in a car accident. she


was so messy that she could not tell whether it happened in the previous life or


by gangsters for saving her. But Sally really had an accident, but Emily


herself away from Hunter and


not continue to block the


could come here were rich, almost all of


was really hard to catch a taxi


that she started to think about hijacking a car. At that moment, a dark-colored


seat, Emily froze


get on?” Hunter said


other side, opened the door, and stepped


on the section of Cloud Port Road, but I couldn't

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