Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 36: Why, Was It a Feeling of Abandonment?


Liam stood outside the door, as soon as he saw Emily coming out of the room, he rushed over.


"Missus, this... no matter what, today is your engagement, I hope that Missus can... pick up your spirits....


He hesitated. The agreement was drafted by him and he knew the details very clearly.


For a girl to be informed during the day of her engagement, that her fiance and she will be acting for the parents to see, which also meant that there would not be any passion between them, was a huge shock.


He was slightly worried that Missus would be unable to handle this blow.


Emily blinked at him, “I'm feeling great, why?"


"Missus...' Liam analyzed her expression, the sparkling eyes, smile and... she indeed wasn't acting.




"Liam, when did you become so wishy-washy? Just say what you want!"


lts seven now and in an hour the engagement banquet will begin.


She was only being engaged, not married. The formalities won't be as many.


Later after the entrance, the Jackson Family Patriarch and banquet host will announce and thereafter Hunter and she will exchange the rings.


She had another hour to eat the delicacies downstairs!


Liam was stammering but in reality, he just wanted to say a few words to console her.


But, how was it that Missus didn't seem to need his consolation?


"Forget it, send me a message if there's anything important." Emily decided not to wait, turned and left.


She looked at the time on the phone, five past seven, the day will be over soon. As long as this day passed, Sally's tragedy will be prevented.


And now, it's slightly more than four hours till midnight. If she doesn't leave the school, everything will be fine. Half an hour ago, Sally sent her a message telling her that she was eating some noodles in the dorm.


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