Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 34: Is He a Frightening Man?


She was taken away just like that without any means of resisting.


When they got into the car, Emily remembered that she wanted to remind Sally of something. She called her immediately.


"Sally, you must listen to what I'm about to say!"


"No matter what happens the day after tomorrow, you must not leave the school. .Just stay in the hostel and don't go anywhere. Do you understand?"


"Day after tomorrow? Isrrt that the day of your engagement?"


Sally was upset, "Emily, what's the meaning of this? You don't intend to invite us for your engagement?”


The last time they didn't know about it but now that they do, how could she stay at her dorm?


"I... Emily thought for a while and continued, “No, you all can't come. You saw how scary Master Jackson was. Why do you want to come?”


She was about to waiver but no, for Sally's safety, Emily must be firm.


"The Jackson family is so big and I have no speaking rights to decide on the guests. l'm not inviting anyone, including you all."


"You must listen to me, no matter what happens the day after tomorrow, you must not leave the school. Do you understand?”


Sally was getting upset and Emily's tone turned serious, 'Sally, if you don't listen to me, we are done as friends!"


"Okay, okay, I listen. IIl stay in school and not affect you. Will that do?”


lt must be Master Jackson who despised them and did not allow Emily to invite them to the engagement ceremony.


All of them understood that by marrying into such a big and rich family, what status could Emily have? They didn't want to make things difficult for her.


"I will be obedient. After that day you must treat us and we'll celebrate then.' Sally laughed.


Emily knew that she misunderstood that Master .Jackson didn't allow her to invite her friends. But at this point, she would rather that Sally misunderstood and not let her face any dangers.


"Okay.' She nodded and hung up the call.