Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 30: You said it wasn't on purpose?


He was that unreasonable. lf she wasn't down in ten minutes, he will let Liam go up and get her!


Emily understood his temper all too well.


Ten minutes, she didn't even have the time to take a drink, she picked up her bag and walked out of the room.


Sally and Joe were watching the huge television while Terry was seating by the window, watching the news on his cell phone.


"Where are you going?” He asked.


"I have something on, I'll go out for a while." Emily didt want to explain too much.


"I'Il go with you.” Today they offended Amy. He was worried that she would be back to seek revenge.


"Don't worry, someone is waiting for me at the parking garage. I'Il be back soon."


"You may not be able to come back once you leave.' Sally turned and said, “Didn't Master Jackson want you to 'Go home'?"


She was going to be the fiancee of the Jackson family. lt would be expected of her to go home.


Emily still didn't want to explain, she only said, "Its Master Jackson."


"You're not putting on makeup? l have a makeup kit."


"I've makeup on." This freckled face was drawn upon her face.




"Well discuss this later.'


The door closed and she looked at the time on the cell phone. In addition to the verbal exchange that took two minutes, she only had five more minutes to get to the garage.


Once she was out of the suite, she rushed to the lift, and luckily the lift was empty.


were up, she appeared at Master


she entered the car, Liam closed the door and walked away. The atmosphere was rather


back-seat area. The man lay down on the leather seats and closed his eyes while resting.


the room. lt


call him but Hunter


her to come down and now he was resting. What's the


but she was fixated on it. Master Jackson was very particular about cleanliness and will be very uneasy if there was something on his clothes. She hesitated for a while but eventually, she reached across to remove the fluff on his shoulder dust as she was returning to her seat, the seemingly asleep man opened his eyes and grabbed onto her hand. He


"Master Jackson..."


seduce me again?' The man's voice was deep. From the smell of his breath, it looked like he drank a


"No, it's just that...


think I


him. She didn't even finish explaining. Why he was


Now that you know, can you let go of


bothered to reason with him. Once this guy decided on


lf he doesn't let go, she can only continue to lay on him.


escape?” Hunter squinted his eyes, those dark starry eyes maintained a look that caused others to


pushed on his leg to




she was really trying to clean something off him, then what about now, can she still


cold and ¡cy look of Master Jackson. As soon as her hand touched


lt wasn't on purpose!" Emily was so scared


Lord! What's the situation! She actually molested Master Jackson! She wanted

touched even more places. The man's body became even harder


strong hands grabbed her


he drank more than he should. Otherwise, he wouldn't have demanded that she came down immediately


wouldn't be so aroused by her few touches till he almost loses


didn't dare to move,


that position pressing down on his legs, she could clearly feel every change to his


a reputation for abstinence? What kind


back of her waist, the


her entire body. Their first time


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