Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 49 The Arrogant Master Jackson

When Hunter went upstairs, Emily's door was closed.

He was a little hesitant, thinking whether he should knock on that door or not.

He was always the almighty young master of the .Jackson family. But now, he didn't even dare to open a door. This seemed a bit...unbelievable.

Liam White came from behind and whispered, “Young master, how about I go take a look at maam?”

“What do you want to look at?” Hunter looked displeased.

She was his woman. How could he let others see?

" I didn't mean that,” Liam was startled by his stern look. My God, how did he understand his words in sụch a way?

He just saw that the fearless young master didn't even dare to open a door and wanted to help him.

He didt mean any harm, sob sob!

Hunter finally walked up to that door and raised his hand to knock.

It was his woman's room. He didn't need anyone else to open the door.

There was no response from the person in the room. She ignored him!

Hunter's eyebrows furrowed. In the past, whoever dared to treat him like this, the person would never have the chance to appear in front of him again.

Even Liam was a little worried. Will the young master be so angry that he kicks the door open?

Although the young master usually looked cold and calm, his temper was sometimes very fiery.

But to his surprise, Hunter didn't kick the door. He knocked once more patiently.

Still no response.

Liam was a little uneasy. Maams temper didn't seem to be any better than the young master s.

This was the third time. Hunter knocked on Emily's door. This time, he knocked a little heavier.

The person inside finally walked over. The footsteps were approaching.

Liam let out a sigh of relief. He wanted to hurry back to his room and not interfere with the couple's sweet talk. However, his shoulders suddenly felt a tension, violently, he was pulled over by Hunter.

So, when Emily opened the door, what she saw was a stunned Liam.

She was

greet ma am,

got goosebumps. Young master, you...just now who was the one saying boldly that his woman

to open the door, he acted as if he was not part of

who wanted

him. He could

Emily turned around and was about to slam the door shut with

out from behind Liam and gently pushed

subordinate, he came to greet you out of goodwill. So why

cold and arrogant. But, ¡f you looked closely, you would see a sign

of being kicked out

nervousness in him, Liam could see

an arrogant man would want to come and get the

seem to be easy to deal with

this happened, the young master would never try to fawn the person. He would have just kicked the person in

little different to

and snorted, “What does it have

anyone. Liam was just doing what he told him to do

wrong, Hunter would be the one in the wrong. She wouldn't pick

want to see him and his people. Did he even want

that subordinates are people too,”

thought that he had such a place in the

master cared so mụuch about his

give him a good beating. A tough guy like

giving him a beating to let off steam, would she


heart was shattered

This time,

just wanted an excuse to walk into moms room, so why did you want me

also afraid

squarely on Hunter s face,

Jackson, and I don't understand,

wouldn't say half

all this nonsense. What did he

certainly didn't want to admit that

knew the truth, felt difficult to hold

that people with high IQs are most

to the point of invincible. But, his excuse

ma am said was right. The young master s words tonight were

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