Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 43 In fact, you are most eviÌ

Losing control...

When she saw the looks of everyone around, even a mentally challenged will understand what Hunter meant. Her small face became red hot and was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to wriggle.

Was Master Jackson shouldering the blame for her? But why didn't he think of a more usual excuse? She wanted to escape, but Hunter held her tightly in his arms, not allowing her to move.

Her embarrassed looks made what he said even more convincing.

Though Grandma Jackson was advanced in age, her grandson made her giggle like a teenager.

She was uneasy a moment ago, but now she was smiling from ear to ear.

She was pleased to see that their relationship ¡s good. That raised her spirits.

Grandfather .Jackson, who was fuming a moment ago, felt mụch better when he saw that his wife was in good spirits.

He looked at Hunter with a trace of blame. How can he say such things in a public event such as this? Does he have no shame?

But, his eldest grandson was authoritative. No matter what he said, he will still command respect and acceptance.

Even he, as an elder of the family, was proud of his grandson's stature.

The MC was stunned for a couple of seconds and, in an attempt to control the atmosphere, said, 'Master and Missus .Jackson are truly loving towards each other!"

He adjusted his expression and laughed, "Everyone waited so long for this moment, now our honorable Patriarch Jackson will officiate this engagement...'

The mood on the stage was pleasant. Both Patriarch and Master .Jackson were men of few words. But, the guests started to be rowdy.

Emily was in a daze when she placed the engagement ring on Hunter s finger.

The event was like her wedding night in her previous life.

Similarly, Hunter placed the ring onto her ring finger. The ring was chilly, without a trace of temperature.

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