Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 177: Did It Start from This Misunderstanding

The words of Snowy were indeed too presumptuous.


The servants were all whispering. Although no one dared to talk nonsense, the gazes they fell on Emily was also different from before.


Emily looked at Snowy expressionlessly, and said lightly, “It turns out that Miss Snowy thinks that your eldest brother is an asshole. He has already had sex with my sister, right?"


"I, I Never said that. Don't get me wronged!"


Seeing Emily taking out the phone, Snowy's face sank. She said defensively, "What are you going to do?"


"Nothing. Just text a message to your eldest brother and ask him when he had sex with Wendy."


" you dare to file a complaint to my elder brother?" It was shameful to complain about this kind of thing!


This woman was too mean!


"No. I just want to question him. After all, I am his fiancée, so I have this right.”


Emily looked at Snowy with a serious expression, without any provocative expression.


"I don't know about what happened between him and my sister. Since you have said it now, of course I have to ask clearly.’


In her capacity, it was normal to ask it clearly. If she didn't ask, others would feel weird.


"No! You are not allowed to ask!" Snowy panicked and stopped Emily immediately when she saw that Emily was really going to text the message.


"Why can't I ask?" Emily glared at her with an unhappy expression.


"Miss Snowy, if your fiancé is with other women, can you turn a blind eye to it?"


"I...I..." Snowy was glared at by Emily, so she subconsciously stepped back.


"Miss Snowy. You dare not ask, but it doesn't mean that others are afraid to ask. Don't impose your own ideas on others."


Emily stepped forward again, forcing Snowy to take another two steps back.


"I'm not like you. Even if my fiancé is very powerful, as long as he is my man for a day, he must be loyal to me, otherwise, I don't want such a man!"


Snowy retreated suddenly. This time, she directly bumped into Tabby.