Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 176: Two Sisters Were with Mr. Hunter Together

When Mr. Hunter and Emily arrived, Matriarch had been rescued.


There was another person who came out with Matriarch, Wendy!


"Send her in quickly. Treat her well, and definitely not let anything happen to her!"


Patriarch was directing at the scene, not only to let everyone take care of Matriarch, but also to take care of Wendy!


"I heard that she brought Matriarch out of the fire."


In the corner, two little maids were discussing this matter in a low voice.


"This lady from the Gale family is so powerful. She dared to save Matriarch in the fire. Was she not afraid of dying in it?"


"Yes, this fire is so fierce. Everyone thought that Matriarch would definitely..."


“Thanks to Miss Wendy. If it weren't for her, Matriarch would really be gone."


“You see how good Patriarch is so nice to her now. No wonder Matriarch loves her so much, she is really good to Matriarch too."


"Look at Miss Emily, Mr. Hunter’s future wife. Matriarch also loves her so much, but what was she doing when Matriarch had an accident?"


"She just knows to pester Mr. Hunter, doesn't she?"


"Matriarch is so kind to her...


Suddenly, an arrogant figure came into their view. The two little maids hurriedly lowered their heads in fright, and said in unison, "Mr. ... Mr. Hunter."


"Get out.’


Hunter said indifferently. He walked towards the medical room with Emily.


Behind them, the two maids suddenly cried and begged for mercy, "Mr. Hunter, we don't dare to gossip anymore. Mr. Hunter, don't drive us away."


"Mr. Hunter, we...we know we were wrong. Mr. Hunter!"


However, Hunter was still indifferent and had no intention of changing his mind at all.


Emily walked by his side, wanting to look back.


In the end, she followed Hunter without saying a word.


It was really not a good thing to talk too much in this kind of family.