Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 175: Grow Old Together

His thoughts were seen through by Emily. Hunter could only pretend not to care. He coughed lightly, and looked away.


“It was you who took the initiative to kiss me. I just reluctantly cooperated. Otherwise, you would feel embarrassed:


"Really?" Emily felt angry and funny. She could only say helplessly, ‘It's okay. I can accept it:


After putting the medicine away, she stood up and looked at him.


"Mr. Hunter, you can rest after taking the medicine’'


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He didn't speak, just frowned slightly.


What did this mean? She seemed to have no intention to accompany him to rest.


“I still have something to deal with”


Emily turned around to walk aside to open the bag that Liam had brought back for her. She took out the laptop and placed it 

on the table.


"l have to write the scripts tonight. I'll start working when I finish taking a shower. You go to bed first. I'm here to take care of 



He still didn't speak. Emily put the laptop away, took her nightdress and walked into the bathroom.


When she came out, Mr. Hunter was still lying on the bed, half-squinting. She didn’t know if he was asleep.


She walked over to touch his forehead.


After confirming no symptoms of fever, she walked to the desk and opened her laptop.


Once she started working hard, she looked really beautiful.


Unconsciously, Hunter was staring at her for a long time.


Emily didn't notice anyone staring at her.


With Aryan's speed, there were not many scripts she had, at most there were only two or three scripts left.


Two or three episodes were only enough for Aryan to draw for one day.


Therefore, after taking care of Mr. Hunter to sleep, she immediately started working.


She didn't even notice that there was the man behind her watching her.


She didn't notice until he suddenly reached out to hug her.


"Ah!" Emily was taken aback. She turned back abruptly, But her thin lips actually touched his face.


"Kiss me?” The man frowned.