Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 173: I'm Sick too

Wendy Gale hadn't noticed what was wrong with Matriarch. She was completely blinded by anger now.


“It's all you! It's all you! Why are you helping others to harm me?"


She clenched her hands tightly. Grabbing Matriarch's shoulders, she shook it vigorously!


"Why don't you care about me? I am the one who should be engaged to Hunter, or even get married!”


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“I'm already with him, but you insist on getting him engaged to Emily. Do you know how painful Hunter is?"


“You asked him to marry an ugly woman. Now, in order to please you, he has to act with that ugly woman every day!"


“It’s all your fault.’


She was really anxious. She suffered so many grievances today. Now, she was venting.


She was shaking Matriarch's shoulder vigorously. Now, she flushed with anger, wishing to strangle Matriarch!


"Do you think Hunter really likes that ugly woman? He just wants to please you!"


“When you are away, Hunter is so good to me. Do you know how crazy he was to me when we have sex?"


"Wendy, stop it.”


Matriarch was shocked by what she heard, "Impossible. Hunter can't be like that. Hunter and Emily seem to get along well with each other’


“Don't you know how ugly she is? Are you blind?"


Wendy's words made Matriarch unable to refute at all.


Emily... Emily was not ugly. She was... just not pretty.


However, Emily couldn't compare with Wendy. Wendy was a stunning beauty. Emily had freckles on her face which caused 

that she was really not pretty.


However, Emily had a good temperament. When she was with Hunter, it seemed that they were very happy.


But Wendy said that they two were acting. She didn't believe it.


"Wendy, Wendy, calm... down... cough, cough...”


Wendy gripped her too tightly so that Matriarch couldn't breathe.