Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 171: Emily Is So Presumptuous

Wendy was thrown out of WongRiver Pavilion.


She wanted to walk back, but was stopped by two bodyguards at the door.


Wendy was full of grievances, but now that Patriarch Jackson was inside, it was not good for her to make a fuss here.


After all, she was the number one socialite in Bentson City, and she didn’t want to lose her temperament just like that.


But just now, she was actually thrown out by Liam, and it was really too embarrassing!


The damned old woman was inside, yet she didn't stop him! She was too ruthless!


She would definitely let the damned old woman will pay a price!


After Wendy left, the courtyard immediately quieted down.


In fact, Emily did not understand why Wendy was like that. In the past, Wendy had always paid attention to her behavior. At 

least, in front of everyone, she was definitely the most cultured lady of a wealthy family.


But lately, why did she behave like a fool?


No, it wasn't because she was being stupid. She seemed to feel that her status had risen, and then, she was overjoyed.


What exactly made her feel that her status was now so high?


Did it have anything to do with the matriarch?


Hunter got off the car while Emily was taking care of him, afraid that he would feel dizzy again.


One of Hunter's arms naturally rested on Emily's shoulder. It looked like he had to be supported by her to walk.


As for the rumor that Young Master Hunter didn't like women, it seemed to be ineffective to Emily.


Those who said that the two of them were at odds with each other and they were only together for the sake of pleasing the 

elders were now proved to be silly.


If Hunter and Emily were at odds, then, what was the good relationship?


Do they must have sex in the car to prove their love?


Moreover, it seemed that the peace and warmth of the relationship between Hunter and the Emily was much better than the 

so-called romantic relationship.


“Grandpa, grandma, why are you here?”


Hunter looked at the two of them, his voice as cold and calm as always.