Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 167: If You Scare Him Again, I'll Leave

Young Master Hunter, who had always been like a big tree sheltering everyone from the wind and rain, had actually almost collapsed!


Emily was not directly frightened to death. It already showed that she was extremely strong.


She immediately went over and supported Hunter's shoulder, sweating profusely from anxiety.


“I'm coming home with you tonight! I'm not going back to school! Tell me what you want to do!”


Hunter really didn't do it on purpose this time. After he was injured, he wasn’t even on a drip.


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He sat on the bed for so long. When he suddenly stood up, he felt a little dizzy.


However, that feeling of dizziness only flashed by, and now, he was completely refreshed.


But just now, he was dizzy for a moment, and he didn't say anything. Then this girl agreed to go home with him?


It seemed that it was not bad for him to be occasionally faint.


“Go to the bathroom, he said indifferently.


Emily hurriedly supported him and slowly stood up. “I'll accompany you.”


He nodded without saying anything.


This time, even though he could walk, he still put half of his weight on her shoulder.


Very quickly, Young Master Hunter discovered that the more “fragile” he was, the more considerate this girl would be.


Therefore, he would be “fragile” to the end.


After entering the bathroom, he did not make a move. He only supported the sink and looked a little weak.


“Young Master Hunter, don't you ... want to go to the bathroom?”


Why did he come in and hold onto the sink? And he didn't move at all.


She originally wanted to go out and guard him outside the door, but Young Master Hunter's appearance made her feel 



“Young Master Hunter ..”


“Yes; He answered. But he still did not move. He only supported the sink and closed his eyes.


“Are you dizzy again?”