When Liam was back, Hunter was still sitting in the car.


The laptop was on the modified table. Hunter seemed to have been concentrating on his work and didn't care about that Liam went to find Emily.


However, Liam knew that Young Master was pretending to be cool. In fact, he cared about Miss Emily very much.


Otherwise, why did he still stay and pretend to work when hearing Miss Emily was here?


Seeing Liam return alone, Hunter frowned, “Where is she?”


“Miss Emily said that she was busy and left.”


“Didn't you say I wanted to treat her a cup of tea?”


“I did. I also said that if she didn't like tea, coffee was also okay, but she dislikes coffee as well.”


Hunter suddenly got off the car.


Liam did not know what he was going to do. He said, “Miss Emily has already left.”


Hunter was angry as he sat at driver's seat.


“Young Master, where are you going? To the company? I...”


The sound of the throttle was deafening. Liam was stunned as he watched the car away.


He... seemed to have been abandoned again.


Was Mr. Hunter chasing after Miss Emily? Since he cared about her so much, why didn’t he wait for her in the courtyard just now?


Why did he pretend to be cool?


The car slowly headed towards the gate.


The Jackson's courtyard was big. Emily might not have arrived at the gate.


He was right. After a while, she showed up.


Emily did not see the car at the side, and of course did not notice who was in it.


The courtyard was really big. She was out of breath.


She had been chased away by Hunter. It would be embarrassing if she asked a driver to send her now.