Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 158: This Disgusting Woman

The moment she left the Jackson's, Emily calmed down.


It was better that they were both honest and made everything clear. Since there was no hope, she didn’t need to think more.


Now, they all knew how to do next.


Was she self-sentimental?


No, she wasn't. She just didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her previous life.


As for Wendy, if she dared to make trouble again, even if she was Hunter's sister, she would definitely not let her go.


Just as she walked into the company, Sally walked over with anger.


“Emi, look, this woman is too disgusting! She actually called Hunter ‘brother’ and even sent selfies to show that she was at 

the WongRiver Pavilion!”


Emily glanced at the screen.


It was written that her good brother had asked the main chef to cook delicious dishes for her today.


There were photos of her sitting at the dining table, in the hall, and at the entrance of the WongRiver Pavilion.


The ‘WongRiver Pavilion’ was especially clear. Who couldn't see it?


The replies below were interesting. People were all asking that if it was Young Master Hunter’s WongRiver Pavilion.


Some people were envious that Young Master Hunter had actually become her brother.


Sally was reading the comments, but Emily did not want to see them at all.


“Nothing is interesting.”


Wendy must employ the online ghostwriters, asking them to tell people what had happened on earth in an indirect way.


The replies that were liked the most said that the WongRiver Pavilion belonged to Young Master Hunter. They had dinner 

together, and Wendy called him brother.


Wendy was clever. She wouldn't explain them directly on her own Twitter.


However, the comments were so obvious and direct. They were trending all the time.


All readers would understand what was going on the moment they saw the comments.


And some people were envious.