Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 156: Do You Think You Are My Only Choice

Facing Hunter's deep and cold gaze, Emily kept her mouth tightening.


“I'm not interested in being one of your girlfriends. If you insist on choosing Wendy, I won't stop you.”


Wendy liked him deeply. Despite of the fact that she was vicious, at least she wouldn't harm him.


Since he refused to listen to her advice, which he even regarded as an indication of jealousy, it was useless for her to continue arguing.


“If there’s nothing else, I'll go back to school.” She turned around, being about to leave.


Suddenly, when the door was narrowly opened, Hunter slammed it.


He pressed his large hands against the door, instantly closing it tightly.

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Emily turned around, greeted by his cold gaze. “Hunter, is there anything else?”


“Are you deliberately provoking me?” Narrowing his eyes, Hunter held her chin and suddenly tightened his grip.


Emily frowned, although he just pinched her gently and it didn’t hurt.


However, she didn't like this feeling. It made her feel like she had been controlled.


“Hunter, I don’t understand what you mean.”


He treated Wendy as his sister. Did he want her to accept it?


“Do you mind about Wendy?” He couldn't explain this matter.


His grandma didn't want anyone to know about Wendy's relationship with her, so he had to keep it as a secret.


Wendy was not his girlfriend. However, did not Emily know if he was seeing other woman or not?


She didn't know it, or she just didn't want to believe it.


“Why should I mind it? It’s your right to choose your girlfriend. Our relationship isn’t substantial!”




“Am I wrong? Didn't you say that two years later, we would separate?”


Actually, she had no idea why she pissed him off on purpose.


But now, she could not calmly talk to him!


He even treated Wendy as his sister! What else could she say to him?