Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 154: It Could Not Be Wendy

Wendy felt wronged.


In the presence of his grandma, Hunter's voice, which was flat, carried a trace of tenderness.


But now, he spoke to her in such a cold tone.


It was unfair!


However, she did not dare to lose her temper now. At the very least, she had to wait until Hunter fell in deep love with her. 


Only then could she complain.


Looking up at Hunter, Wendy showed pain and grievances on her face.

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“My ... waist hurts. I'm sorry ...”


She supported herself with the flower bed by her side, intending to stand up. But hardly did she succeed than she fell back.


Then she turned to look up at Hunter again, seeming so helpless that tears almost welled out of her eyes.


“I'm sorry, Hunter. I ... I can’t stand up. Wait for a few more minutes.”


Hunter glanced at Ewan, who immediately bent forward and said to Wendy, “Let me help you.”


Wendy was disappointed. Didn't Hunter promise his grandma that he would take care of her in the future?


Now she was bullied. Hunter only punished the bullies, but didn’t take care of her.


Was this the so-called “care”?


Wendy kept looking at Hunter, as if she didn’t dare to do anything before receiving Hunter's order.


However, Hunter had already turned around, walking towards the WongRiver Pavilion.


How could he leave her alone?


“Miss Gale, let me help you up and take you back.” Standing by her side, Ewan reached out towards her.


Wendy convinced herself that Hunter couldn't show care for her in public, since he had been engaged.


After all, the Jacksons were here.


Hunter asked his subordinate to take care of her, which, at least, showed that Hunter cared about her.


Otherwise, he wouldn't have grounded Snowy and forced her to reflect on her misdeed?


Besides, Renee was tortured so badly because of her.