Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 152: How Can There Be Such a Savage Man

Because of her foot injury, Wendy had lived in the Jackson's house for two days.


These two days, she had been living with Matriarch Jackson.


The women of the Jackson family were almost jealous.


They didn't know why the two sisters of the Gale family were so lucky that they were all favored by Matriarch Jackson.


It was OK for Emily to be favored. After all, she was Hunter's flancée. However, even Wendy was also favored by Matriarch Jackson. Why?


Was it because she was Emily's sister and Matriarch Jackson liked Emily so much that she also liked Wendy?


Matriarch Jackson had gotten along with Wendy in her room for two days and nights. What a hell!


The third day, Wendy could finally walk. Matriarch Jackson allowed her to leave.


It was a weekend. Wendy didn't need to go to school or rush in time.


She heard that Hunter was also here today. Wendy asked the driver to wait at the gate and she wandered in the yard.


It was not uncommon for her to let the driver send her back. What she wanted more was that she could meet Hunter in the yard and let him send her back in person. That would be great.


Unfortunately, from the back room to the main room, she didn't see Hunter all the way.


Was Hunter in his own WongRiver Pavilion?


Staying with Matriarch Jackson these days, Wendy almost inquired everything out.


Hunter had an independent courtyard in the Jackson family, which was located in the east of the front yard.


After walking out of the hall, Wendy went to WongRiver Pavilion in the East.


She didn't know where Hunter was, but maybe she could meet him by accident.


“Are you the favored outsider in our Jackson family recently?" Suddenly, a disdainful voice came.


Another girl sneered, “Since she is just an outsider, how can she be favored? However, all the people who come to our house are guests, and grandma is just entertaining them.”


“But they think they are favored and stay here. Grandma is so kind. Can she drive them away?"


Wendy looked up and smiled.


She had also inquired the information of these women in Jackson family.