Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 148: What Are You Doing

Emily was favored by Matriarch Jackson. Even when Matriarch Jackson was in the ward, she always wanted to see this ugly girl.


This thing had already been spread in the whole Jackson family.


No one knew why Matriarch Jackson liked Emily so much. Some people even suspected that Emily was Matriarch Jackson's relatives outside.


However, they just suspected it. After all, Emily had a name and a family. There was no doubt about her life experience.


Maybe it was just because Emily was Hunter's fiancée. Matriarch Jackson liked Hunter so much, so, she even liked Emily.


However, what Matriarch Jackson always missed in her illness was not Hunter, but his fiancée.


This point was still incomprehensible.


Unexpectedly, the thing just passed a few days. Now, it was Wendy who was favored by Matriarch Jackson.


The pendulum had swung back and Manson, who had witnessed the whole process, was in a mixed mood.


Happy? It seemed that there was nothing to be happy about.


After secretly wiping the tears in the corners of her eyes, Emily looked up at Manson.


To be honest, after the incident of Heaven-like Island, Emily was still a little scared when she saw Manson.


If Hunter hadn't arrived in time that night, she would have been killed by Manson.


This man was a disaster to her.


"Funny?" Emily said lightly. She seemed to think nothing of Manson's ridicule.


“Isn't it funny?” Manson stared at her face.


He hated this face. But he often thought of this ugly face during this time.


Manson suspected that he was ill, even seriously ill.


Emily glanced at him again and turned to go.


Manson frowned. He was angry, because the girl was always so rude to him.


He ran after her and said coldly, "Do you really think Hunter is kind to you?"