Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 145: The Girl Is Perfect

“Does it affect me to explain or not?” Henry finally picked up chopsticks.


Emily couldn't refute his words at all.


He didn't know the restaurant owner. They wouldn't have any contact in the future.


In this case, it did not matter for him whether the restaurant owner misunderstood him or not.


There was nothing wrong with those words. But Emily still felt that it was too heartless.


Emily looked at this man again. He was really handsome. Even standing with Hunter together, he was not inferior at all.


He and Hunter were really from the same world. Only such people could be qualified to be Hunter's friends.


On the contrary, the distance between she and them was so far...


“What are you thinking?” Henry suddenly put down his chopsticks and looked at her.


“Nothing. My tongue hurts." Emily looked down to cover her feelings of loss.


“Just eat. After finishing eating, we can say goodbye. I have classes in the afternoon.”


Emily did what she said. After dinner, she said goodbye to him immediately.


This time, no one could stop her. As soon as they left the restaurant, Emily left immediately. She didn't want to look at Henry any more.


Henry looked at her far back and his deep eyes gradually become blurred.


It seemed that he was thinking about something.


Three days later, under the care of everyone, Matriarch Jackson miraculously recovered.


It was fine that day. The maid pushed Matriarch Jackson for a walk in the backyard.


Matriarch Jackson accidentally saw a familiar figure.


The girl stood in the flowers. That white and clean skirt, which was clear and refreshing, had a retro flavor.


It was a kind of... a familiar feeling.


“Talia...” Matriarch Jackson thought she was wrong.


But, this back figure, this hairstyle, this skirt... Why was it so similar to Talia in the picture?