Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 143 : Why Do You Pester Me

“Sorry...” Emily covered her nose which was hurt and retreated in a hurry.


But because she retreated too fast, she stumbled over something. Then, she was unstable and fell behind her.


“Be careful.” The man reached out and helped her.


“Thank you.” Emily finally stood firm and looked up at him.


The next second, her eyes were immediately filled with defense, “It's you. You... Psst."


The back of her hand hurt. Emily raised her hand and found that there was a bloody wound.


Although the wound was not big, it still hurt.


Henry's sight fell on the back of her hand. He winced gently with good-looking eyebrows, "Do I hurt you? Sorry!”

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"It is me who accidentally touch your button.”


Emily looked at his button.


As soon as Emily looked at Henry's shirt, she knew it was very expensive. Every button was carefully carved out.


Henry also looked at his button and was a little helpless, "It seems that the next time I can't wear this kind of clothes. It will become a sharp weapon to hurt people.”


He took out the paper towel and held Emily's hand to wipe the blood on the back of her hand.


Emily immediately took her hand back. She was still on guard against him.


Henry said with a smile, “At least, I didn't hide the thing that I knew your fiancé, right?"


This was true.


In fact, Emily didn't know why she was on guard against him. After all, Henry didn't do anything.


She just subconsciously wanted to get rid of the relationship with Hunter.


“You can treat me as an ordinary person. I hurt you. So, I want to treat you to dinner, okay?”


“No. I've already had a meal.” Emily still refused.


“Well, you dirtied my button. You offer me a meal to make amends, okay?" Henry changed his words.