Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 136: Live with Me from Today

Matriarch Jackson's condition stabilized a lot. She finally was transferred from the operating room to the intensive care unit.


Only one family member could go in to see him. Emily had already gone in before, so the one who went in now is Patriarch Jackson.


Patriarch Jackson basically took up all the time to go in. The others stayed here but could not see Matriarch Jackson at all.


The doctor advised them to go home and have a rest first. Most of them greeted to the old housekeeper and left.


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Hunter stared at the door of the intensive care unit. He had stood for a long time and then turned to leave.


Liam walked to Emily and said in a low voice, "Miss Emily, let's go back first."


Emily met Matriarch Jackson today and knew that it was no use staying here at this time.


Seeing Hunter's stiff back, she nodded and kept up with his pace.


Liam drove the car for them. They were silent all the way.


After dinner and a bath, Emily sat down at her desk and opened her Notebook computer.


She still had a lot of scripts to write. But tonight, she couldn't write a word in her Notebook computer.


She didn't understand what Matriarch Jackson meant by saying those things to her.


The maid knocked at the door and said that Hunter asked her to come.


Emily tidied up her clothes and walked out of the room. Then, she knocked on the door of Hunter.


Hunter was still working.


He was originally investigating projects abroad. But he came back immediately after hearing the news that Matriarch Jackson was very ill.


It was evening when he was abroad.


After flying for more than ten hours, he came back here. Because of the time difference, it was also evening here.


In other words, Hunter had not had a rest for nearly 30 hours.


He didn't look tired now. But his eyes are a little dark.




“Sit down."


Emily was a little nervous. It seemed that every time she got along with Hunter, she was always under great pressure.