Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 131: We'll Meet Again

Some of the gazes fell on Henry.


Henry was very generous that one time.


He immediately stood up and walked to Emily.


“Hello, may I sit here?”


Sally stood up quickly and told everyone to make some space for the super handsome guy.


Emily blinked, "But I don't know you.” Even if he was irresistibly handsome, she really didn't know him.


Henry sat on the chair Sally had moved for him, beside Emily.


“Nothing, but I know the demon behind you."


"Cough!" Emily almost choked to death with the drink she just drank.


He... He knew Hunter?


She looked again at the man beside her. Both his manner and appearance were indeed like one from Hunter's world.


Then why did he come over? Just now he heard her when she said Hunter is a demon, so he wanted to rat on her later?


All of the sudden, Emily looked at Henry with full guard on.


“Don't panic, I shouldn't tell him about that.” Henry received the glass that the waiter sent over.


His slender fingers slightly pinched it elegantly, and it was extremely fascinating.


But, "shouldn't"? Then there's still a possibility?


Emily looked at him with a slight disdain, "How could a grown up man gossip behind someone?"


“Ha.” she's quite interesting.


Just now when he saw her from afar, she was indeed a beauty. But after walking closer, he could see that her skin was dark and her face was full of freckles.


However, since Boss said that she's a beauty then it must be true.


That freckled and ordinary face might just be a camouflage.


Sally tried hard to give signals to Emily with her eyes.


How could she speak to someone so I politely? It wasn't really Emily's style to do so.