Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 124: A Pure Little Boy

“Cough!” Emily was choked by the mouthful of soup.


Worried that she can't withstand it and let her have some nourishing soup?


She was referring to the activities the night before... the happenings of the entire night?


Emily's face turned red as a beetroot, she was so shy that she wanted to find a place to hide.


The butler and servants were all standing by and Master Jackson spoke so loudly, How could they not hear him?


A few female servants also started to blush and lowered their heads and did not dare to look around.


Only Butler Qin was smiling and introduced to Emily "Missus, these were prescribed by Mr. Peter Yan"


‘These are to enrich the blood and these are to nourish the stamina. This special chicken soup is very good for ladies, very nutritious.”


‘And this, deer antler fish rolls, this is not only good for Missus, but they are also good for Master’


“It's good for men to be more active at night... Master, don't you agree?”


Hunter's chilly stare shot over and can numb a person's scalp. Butler Qin couldn't react in time.


But, before he could finish, he understood and changed the topic.


“Master is so strong that he doesn't need any extra supplements. But since Missus’ body is weak, Master should eat some together with Missus”


What he meant was Master Jackson should eat some so that she would not feel lonely.


But to say that Master Jackson... cough...


Their Master was brilliant and powerful, how was it possible that he can't do that well? No one will ever believe it!


Emily really wanted to dig a hale to crawl into and never to see anyone anymore.


What happened last night with Master Jackson in the room... must be known by everyone in the villa.


What's wrong with these people? Did they eavesdrop last night?


It's supposed to be a matter between them but now it was like the ancient emperor and his favorite concubine...