Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 117: Fatal Weakness

The two bodies firmly impacted each together and Hunter huffed and his expression changed.


Emily was startled and struggled to get off him but with a twist of his body, she found herself underneath him.


“Don't move!”


Master Jackson's face started to sweat either from the pain or from him suppressing his desires.


“You dived into my arms so forcefully on purpose?” He squinted and stared at the person below his body. The pitiful little thing under him.


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"Do you still want to be blissful? Huh?”




Emily blinked and realized a second later what he meant by blissful.


Her little face blushed and wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it.


At this moment, if she were to say that her blissfulness had nothing to do with him, would he erupt in anger and snuff her to death?


But that impact was indeed rather intense... “You... are you alright?”


She wasn't sure if she had hurt him but that area was a man’s most vulnerable spot for a man...


“Why? Are you worried that if you damaged me, no one will be able to satisfy you?”




“Huh? You intend to find another man to satisfy you?” The man’s expression suddenly turned very cold and dangerous.


For the sake of self-preservation, she quickly shook her head, “No!”


Hunter's coldness dissipated and there was imperceptible pleasantness in his eyes.


“Good girl”


Emily didn't get it, this meant she was a good girl?


She simply didn't think of looking for other men but that didn’t mean that she wanted him.


Regardless, she didn't want other men, and neither did she want Master Jackson, she doesn't dare to have him.


Danger always lurked when she was close to Master Jackson. In just a month, she almost died three times!


Emily suddenly realized the truth. Cherish life and stay away from Master Jackson.


When by his side, there will be people who want her life.