Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 116: Was it all for Her

Emily didn't know what kind of place that was.


She only knew that the person who carried her was very dashing, there wasn't another man in the world who could be more dashing than him.


He was tall and his shoulders were broad, his chest was strong and muscular.


His arms were well defined and look full of strength.


He held onto her and his voice was so manly.


“Do you think I'm interested?”


Yeah... his voice was wonderful and full of the sense of security.


He looked down at her and those eyes were even more glittery and beautiful than the stars of the night.


This man was the most mesmerizing and attractive man she had ever met in her life.


She had thought that in her second life, they would not have anything to do with each other but on contrary, their relationship 

became increasingly deep.


She stretched out to gently caress his handsome and unparalleled face.


In the dream, his face was full of sweat and indescribably alluring.


Since it was a dream, she should do and say what she normally wouldn't dare to.


She searched for his lips.


It was as if the man was subdued by her and he returned the kiss.


Emily raised herself, closed her eyes to savor what she normally couldn't, and savor his manly taste.


This moment was perfect, it was dreamy like a fantasy.


But, why was it so painful?


Wait, wait a minute, wait a minute...


Why was the dream so real...


Not knowing how long had passed before the situation became calm and peaceful. The sun rays shone in from outside through the window.