Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 115: Why can't You Recognize Me

Emily knew that she looked different now compared with how she normally looked.


But, she was truly disappointed when Hunter cannot recognize her.


But now that Master Jackson had left, it wasn't just a simple question of disappointment.


Now, it became hopeless!


Manson also didn't know what that rascal Hunter was doing.


He swore at him and lowered his head once again to the girl on the bed.


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After being interrupted, his urges were somewhat reduced, “You want to go back with me?”


Emily's eyes lit up and opened her mouth, “yes...”


Manson's calmness turned into burning desires after hearing her whisper.


“No, you are too alluring, I can't wait anymore”


Emily was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She didn't mean it, she really didn’t mean it.


But her body was hot, her brain was hot and her entire person was hot.


The effects of the drug were interrupted by Hunter but it came raging back. She held tightly to her clothes.


Her intelligence told her that she must protect her dress but what she did was to remove her dress...


Manson had already not been able to control his urges and now that he was seeing her actions, his suppressed desires erupted.


He can't wait anymore, at the most, he would take her back later to spoil.


“Little thing..”


Just as he was about to lunge towards her, a tall and dark image appeared in his sights.


Again, the dark image! Again, the suffocating coldness!


“Hunter, you..”


Emily was giddy and felt her body floating, and she was carried up by someone.


Manson was absolutely frustrated! “Hunter, this was the auction item at Heaven-like Island, this girl was bought by me!”