Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 108: Then Let Them Die Too

“Dad, listen to me, that's not..”


Beep...The call was cut off again.


Amy did not give up and continued to dial but this time, what she heard was that her father’s phone was power off.


Why could Dad be so cruel?


When she and Zack started dating, Dad was so nice to her.


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But then, for some reason, that bastard, Zack did not like her anymore and Dad's attitude started to become cold.


Today, such a horrible thing had happened. Dad did not come to comfort her in the first place but instead, he was going to end the father-daughter relationship with her!


Why was he doing this to her? Why?


Amy walked on the street and always felt that people were looking at her with strange expressions.


She kept her head low and did not even dare to raise her head as she was afraid that others would recognize her.


The initial Weibo post that was sent out had already been deleted. However, those photos and videos were still being widely shared and forwarded.


This matter was so popular that almost all the people in Bentson City knew it.


Although the Winston family wasn't considered a very powerful family, they were still quite famous and respectable in the business world of Bentson City.


It was not surprising that her dad felt seriously humiliated and did not want her due to that matter.


She knew it early that her father was a snob.


In his eyes, daughters were the chips that can be used for a deal. That was why Dad was so happy after knowing that she dated with Zack.


Now, after that kind of matter happened, it was impossible for all the dudes in the business world of Bentson City to date her.


Dad felt that she was no longer valuable so he instantly wanted to publicly announce the end of the father-daughter relationship with her.


In the future, not only that her reputation would be ruined, but she would also lead a very difficult life.


Without the money from the Winston family, how could she survive?