Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 107: Everything Is because of This Bitch

Amy could not believe her eyes.


How could this be, why these photos...This was impossible, impossible!


“These photos are fake!” she suddenly shrieked and looked at the people around, frantic and panicked.


“These are fake; all are photoshopped! You guys don't believe it, I'm not that kind of person, I’m definitely not!”


“The girl mentioned is really not me, l...I have been a good student since I was a kid, I..have done so well in every exam, how can I be that kind of person?”


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“Your score in national college entrance examination didn’t even reach the minimum score required for pursuing the undergraduate course, I really wonder how you can enroll into Skyler University!” Someone replied in a low voice.


“What, how is that possible? I'm a top student, I'm a top student!”


Amy was panic-stricken and anxious. She dared to look at her phone again only after telling herself to be courageous.


The Weibo post mentioning about her had brought up the scoring system of the national college entrance examination.


Her score was more than three hundred lower than the specific score announced by Skyler University!


With such a low score, how did she enroll in Skyler University?


“However, she is a top student... of Skyler University” a boy said softly.


“She can enter with such a low score; it is definitely not hard for her to claim the title of being a top student after entering the university”


“Guys, look at her grades of every test in high school!”


“My God, that’s an awful report card, isn’t it? This kind of person..with this kind of grade can surprisingly be in the same school as us!”


Skyler University was the best in Bentson City, how could it have such a problematic student?


“No, these are all photoshopped, all these are photoshopped!”


Amy finally managed to get up and she saw that everyone was discussing and pointing at her.


The girls snickered while the boys had complicated feelings about her.


Some were incredulous, some felt sorry for her.


However, the majority of the others were like watching a show, disdaining, sneering, and even some of them looked distinctly evil.


They stared at her face and their gazes gradually shifted to her body.