Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 101: The Man on the Bed

“Where's Emily? I thought I caught a glimpse of her going upstairs just now!”


“Is she in one of these rooms? She must still be around!”


“We can't let her escape! Let's go check the guest information of the rooms. We'll search all the empty rooms too!”


“But, is this... illegal?”


“That bitch has been cheating on Hunter. Whoever manages to catch her and send her to Hunter will be the one getting all the 



“Yes! Hurry up!”


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Some of them actually planned to go through the computer in the hotel's reception desk in order to skim through the 

information of the quests occupying the rooms.


Some of them shouted suddenly, "This door is not locked!”


In an instant, a dozen people rushed towards that room with a few more tailing them. With a loud bang, the door was being 

forced to open and these people poured into the room!


“Emily, get the hell out!”


They could probably escape the crime of intruding into a room illegally if all of them were in this together. They would not be 

afraid of punishment with this sheer numbers on their side.


If Emily was really hiding here, then it would be extremely beneficial for them!


They had vowed to hammer down some punishment on this ugly bitch who wanted to take Hunter for her own!


On the bed, there were two bodies entangled with each other.


They froze their movements when so many people had barged into their room. The man sat up on the bed while getting a look 

of these intruders.


He was so handsome! He was so handsome to the point that it even felt suffocating for the onlookers! The girls were sucking 

in an audible breath as they were beginning to shriek in astonishment.


The girl closest to this man was pressing her hand over her chest while staring wide-eyed at this man who was barely wearing 

anything. She had forgotten to show any response on her face.


But why was there a woman lying next to him on the bed? Which despicable woman had the guts to climb onto a bed with