Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 29: Parking garage, ten minutes


Amy was taken aback and looked back.


At the table where they were seated, the dishes were mostly eaten but Zack had left.


“This, this... was not eaten by me.”


Amy was nervous, this meal would cost at least twenty thousand dollars.


“This... these were eaten by Zack Jackson..."


"But, Zack did not leave any instructions. You shared the table with him, isn't it appropriate for you to pay for the meal?"


Sally crossed her arm and looked at her condescendingly, 'Aren't you the daughter of the Winston family? Can you afford this meal?"


Oh, how the wheels of fortune had turned! What did Amy say a moment ago?


Now Sally gave her a taste of her own medicine, "You ate so much, the cost of this meal is astronomical, Miss Winston, do you have money for the meal? Do you need help paying for ¡t?ˆ


"You... Damned Sally! How dare you use my words to make fun of mel


"Ah, but, we worry be helping you with the check if you don't have money and feel like eating prison grub, l can help you call the police.'


"Who says that I don't have the money?” Amy was still the daughter of the Winston family. She definitely has several tens of thousands in her bank account.


But, it was painful. The cost of this meal can easily buy her several luxury bags!


What son of the Jackson Family, dog shitl He even needed a woman to pay for his meal, that's ridiculous!


When she saw the check, Amy was dazed. Twenty-five thousand dollars for a meall Amy was writhing in pain.


"IÍ is that difficult for you, I can buy you this meal." Emily stood up and said.


Amy wanted so much to say, who wants you to pay? But twenty-five thousand and her face... there wasn't anyone who knew her here, face... she can lose some face over this. Once she was out of here, then the issue would be over, Wouldn't it?


"You, you are now kept by Master .Jackson who is so rich. We are friends after all. lf you want to buy me this meal, I Won't turn down the offer.'


'She said that she's paying, since she has that black card, just go ahead


to turn


thousand dollars! As soon as she left, who


decided on this solution and wanted






Joe still video recording this? Tonight we lÌ post it onto each prominent social media


within an hour, everyone will know that Amy


by that? Amy was about to reach the lift when

me! I want to call the


lÏm paying for you right now,


shoulders and with an innocent expression, 'I didn't distort the truth


all... that's


fingers trembled. She opened


to treat me to


As if she couldn't afford it! These bitches are too


of Amy's angry and unwillingness in paying for the meal was amusing to all who


before she turned and


thousand dollars was equivalent to several branded bags and she didn't even


Preposterous, simply preposterous!


high-end hotel!" Emily kept the black diamond card, she was in


escorted them


living room suite. Although it wasn't


is so soft, the room is so big,


by Emily, Sally controlled her mouth but giggled,


never stayed in such a high-class hotel."


kept by Master .Jackson? He even gave you the black diamond card.


No, you are living


she was staring with her eyes wide open, staring


it was something like his fiancee


that she had already guessed


Master Jackson was abandoned and was upset and you were at the right place and satisfied him. So... so you

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