Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 92: Then Never See Them



Emily opened her eyes sharply, trying to sit up.


Something seemed to be pressing on her body, and she was pressed back by the force as soon as she got up.


It was... a man's arm.


With his arm pressed against her, his hand rested where her heart was.


She moved, that big palm ... his five fingers tightened subconsciously.


Emily screamed and gave him a violent push in fright.


The man frowned and stared at her blushing face.


Looking at the place where he just grabbed, not only did Hunter not stop, but pressed it down again.


"Young Master Hunter! Your hand..."


"Whose name you called just now?" Hunter squinted his eyes and grasped her completely with a big palm.


Emily's breathing was rapid, and her body was trembling constantly.


Hold his wrists with both hands, trying to take his hands away from her.


However, he was so strong that she couldn't move his hand at all.






"I dreamt that Terry had... all blood in order to save me."


She bit her lip, blushed, and tried to push him away again, but she was still powerless.


The man pressed down, and she was completely enveloped in his breath, with nowhere to escape.


That cold breath, like his eyes quenched by ice, showed her his anger repeatedly.


His fiancée, sleeping in his arms, called another man's name!


Emily couldn't tell Hunter that in her previous life, Terry was not only injured seriously for her, but also was stigmatized that he 

wanted to rape Wendy.


He blocked the knife for her again last night.


In fact, Emily was still a little flustered. The trajectory of her previous life had been deviated in this life. She was very afraid 

that some worse things would happen.