Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 87: Emily Was Too Partial

“I'm fine, you go back with him first.” Terry pulled her up, but immediately let go.


For a girl, what happened was really scary.


What's more, there would be a lot of trouble waiting for them in the future.


Going back with Young Master Hunter could at least avoid some things.


"Take Sally back, too.” He looked Hunter, “I will handle the matter with Joe.”


This incident was directed at them.


Although anyone with a discerning eye could know that these people came for Emily, he didn't want the two girls to face it.


But Hunter snorted coldly, and said indifferently, "What can you do, two little boys?"


Joe was not happy, "I'm nineteen years old and Terry is twenty!”


However, after being glanced by Young Master Hunter, his full momentum disappeared instantly.


Joe only dared to lower his head, and whispered, "We, we are not little boys..."


Hunter didn't care about him, and glanced over the wound on Terry's arm, "Go to the hospital!"


Of course, Terry was unconvinced, and a little injury was nothing to him.


What's more, Hunter's attitude was too strong! Too rude!


However, if he did not leave, Emily would not be willing to go back with Hunter.


"Joe, accompany me to the hospital.” Terry turned to leave.


Joe glanced at Emily, but didn't dare to look directly at Hunter, so he could only walk behind Terry.


Sally looked at Emily, and then glanced at Hunter secretly.


Finally, she whispered, "Emily, I... I'll go with Terry.’


She also turned and ran, following Terry and Joe.


Although going back with Hunter was more likely to avoid all the problems, she worried about Terry.