Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 86: A Man Like God

In the night, he stood in the middle of a bunch of thugs. His cold eyes glanced at his girl, and there was a trace of anxiety in the cold of his eyes that was hard to detect by others.


After a moment of anxiety, he returned to calm, as cold as an iceberg.


He took a step forward, and the dozen men with knives actually took two steps back subconsciously, all of them were 

shocked by the aura of him!


Absolutely cold, horrible, frightening!


Such a sight, such a look, such a breath! Like the demon from hell!


"Young... Young Master Hunter..." Someone said these fearful three words.


Young Master Hunter. It turned out to be Young Master Hunter! How could it have something to do with Young Master Hunter?


They were just paid to do it. None of them had expected that Young Master Hunter would actually get involved.


In City B, people would rather offend the gods than offend Young Master Hunter! He was more terrifying than the gods!


He was as terrible as the devil!


“Boss, he, he is alone..." Someone whispered in the boss's ear.


The boss stared at Hunter, his eyes trembling with fear, finally calmed down.


Yes, Young Master Hunter was alone tonight.


Although he was powerful enough to change everything, and although he was really terrible, they already offended him!


Even if they left now, Young Master Hunter would not let them go.


In this case, it was better to...continue!


"Go, come on! Whoever wants to survive, just kill him!"


Only by killing him would everyone have a chance to survive!


Otherwise, as long as Young Master Hunter left here alive, they would all die!


More than 20 people looked at each other and finally made up their minds, clenched the knife in their hands, and rushed 

towards Hunter at the same time.


Emily was so frightened that she wanted to go to help, but was pulled back by Terry.