Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 85: Unbelievable Horror

There were a dozen people at the front, and a dozen strong men chasing after them.


At this time, staying meant waiting to die!


Terry slashed on the arm of the man in front of him, and the man screamed and fell to the ground immediately.


He kicked the man, made a decisive decision, and said solemnly, "Joe, take them behind me and rush out!"


There were people in front and behind them, and only he could fight. When the group of people in the distance caught up, he could not protect them all.


Joe was already dumbfounded by the blood on the ground. He didn't expect that they really started the fight, and the fight was so intense.


In the past, although there were some young boys and girls who came to make trouble, at most, they solved the problem with their fists.


But at this moment, they really used knives. How could he not panic?


"Joe!" Terry pushed back the two of them again, and was about to move forward, only to find that Joe was motionless behind him and was frightened.


Joe woke up suddenly, and something was thrown into his arms.


He caught it hurriedly. It turned out to be a bloody knife.


Joe rolled his eyes in horror and almost fainted.


*Go!" The nearest Emily snatched the knife in his hand and protected them.


“Quick! Keep up with Terry, I'll get your back!”


Joe never fought. In all previous fights, Terry was the only one to fight.


Obviously, giving him a knife scared Joe.


Emily pushed Joe hard. Joe didn't even have time to think, so he and Sally hid behind Terry quickly.


Although Terry could block the people in front of him, it was too difficult to take them out.


The dozen people quickly identified the target, specifically targeting the three behind Terry.


Soon someone walked around and slashed at Emily who was holding the knife.


“Emily!” Sally was about to gone over hurriedly in fright.


Joe held her back, and rushed forward quickly, bumping his head against the man.