Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 27: Because of him, was it worth it?

"Zack, my acquaintance came for the first time and I would like to see if she needs my help."


lt was a rare opportunity to see Emily make a fool of herself. How could Amy waste this opportunity?


She laughed and said: “They don't even know anything about wine, what Sendevision, Consaice, we are friends after all, I can't stand by seeing them making a fool of themselves, right?'


She didn't expect Zacks expression to darken further and sounds unhappy: "l said, come back"




“Miss, our hotel does have Sendevision in 78 and Consaice in 82 but we only have two of each.'


The waiter looked at Amy and nodded, but due to his excellent training, he maintained a slight smile and no other expression. 


Then he looked at Emily, his attitude changed dramatically for the better.


He said, "I'm sorry, Miss, these four bottles are our hotels prize collection. They're... prepared for Master Hunter Jackson. So...Master Jackson! In the whole Bentson City, the only person who dares to use the title Master Jackson" was only Hunter, no one else


At Bentson City, even if a person has the last name of Jackson, and even if he was the eldest of the family, he will not dare to address himself as Master Jackson!


Emily smiled: “Since it's prepared for Master .Jackson, [II not interfere with his love, Fll have four tins of Sprite."


The waiter nodded and went to prepare the order.


Amy just felt that deflated. To think that there really are these two types of wine and they happened to be Master Jackson's favorite


Who cares iIf those two wines are good or not, if its Master Jackson's favorite, then they must be the best


She was just laughing publicly that Emily didn't know her wine and loudly declared that those wines didn't exist, now...