Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 25: Stomach-turning Ugly


"It's Amy Winston that bitch, she kept speaking ill about you. Terry couldnt listen any further and...


"Im fine!" Terry interrupted Sally and looked at Emily: "You're injured?"


''Emily is injured?' Sally now looked at Emily.


But, she didn't notice the injury on her forehead but instead... “Ah, how come you didn't put on makeup? You... Wow... this is your original looks??”


A face full of freckles? Her goddess Emily has a face full of freckles2?Ah ah ah! All hope has vanished doe also stared at Emily's clean and elegant face, he was shocked and almost swallowed his gum.


"Emily, you... you..."


"What! Am I very ugly?" Emily looked at her friends.


Sally was just like her and likes outlandish and smokey dark makeup. Now her makeup was in a mess.


And Joe, his hair was dyed purple and he only has earrings on one side and only highlighted his eyes, one look and he looks like a delinquent teenage boy.


Terry can be considered the most normal among the four of them. He doesnt makeup, no earrings and he doesn't dye his hair.


But his personality is very volatile and can easily resort to violence.


Other than Emily he will not listen to anyone. That's why Sally was so desperate to find Emily that night. Because Terry was prepared to see revenge that night!


But the other side has many people and there was only one Terry. How can he fight alone?


"You... better put on some makeup.' Sally took out her makeup kit and handed ¡t to Emily.


She didn't want to say that Emily was ugly but with a face of freckles, she'd be better off putting on makeup.


"No, no makeup.' Emily looked at her, actually, she hates the smell of makeup. She was influenced by Wendy, an idiot