Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 24: Who says that he's cold?


Who was it who sat on him and...


Emily bit her lips and her face turned pale: "That's because l was being set up, I didn't mean to do it."


"It is not me, you will do the same?” Hunter demanded.


She wanted to nod but looking at his menacing looks, she quickly shakes her head.


lf she wants to die she can try saying ˆYes', he II definitely ravage her for insulting him.


Emily knows very clearly this man's dominance. What he wants he will definitely not let go.


In her previous life, she saw him being quick, precise, and ruthless but he never treats women that way, especially her.


But now, how come he was doing this to her2 Did she make a mistake?


Not possible, she spent five years trying to please him and didn't even earn a look of concern from him. Now it's just two days and he was interested? What a joke


"Master Jackson... She was beginning to feel uncomfortable under his weight and couldn't resist pushing him gently.


The two bodies in contact have let Emily feel warm and getting hotter.


Emily feels uneasy and her face began to flush. She looked down and quickly looked back. She didn't dare to look down again.




God, was this the cold chilly man idol2 By pressing onto her, his body started to react... this was cold?


"Release me." She pushed. lf she doesnt get away now it will be too late.


"Don't movel" Hunter commanded and his forehead started to sweat and frown.


His bodily reaction was noticed by her and Hunter did not intend to hide. He was just slightly upset to lose control over her.


That he was


to struggle,


if she doesn't resist, he


held tightly to her collar, but


panicked and desperately demanded, 'Don't touch


Like her?


to poison herself, someone who was willing to frame others and


he, Hunter, like


look of disappointment, he has recovered his breathing. He looked at her


he still lòoks like the high and mighty


remain in the Jackson


s gaze deepens, his cold eyes send chills down her spine


your schemes here and if I find out that you plot against


walk out of the room. She quickly jumped off the table


her, Emily ¡is numb and her whole

and mighty males idol? Humphl He was


again, in her previous life, he really doesn't succumb to female advances for five long years! At least after they engaged


names and spells trouble. That was why


was it that now he is so different from the Hunter in her memories? Why was it like that? What


Gale, are you inside?" A female servant asked from outside


composed herself and answered: "What's the


wants me to


been in Hunter's room. Her feelings were getting tossed around


room that she always wanted to enter but couldn't. Now in all the drama, not only did she enter this room, she


"Okay, can I trouble you to prepare a set of makeup


some freckles


natural looks she was kidnapped t†wice, met with accident twice all within a month. She almost lost her life because of


then, she didnt know who in the Jackson family did it. Now that she thought of it, it was clear


the Jackson family were far too complicated.


her a suitcase. Emily took out her cell phone and there were countless missed

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