Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 71: His Attitude Was a Little Defying Towards Her

Grandma also sensed that something was wrong with Emily. She gently asked her, “Emily, do you know Vincent?”


Emily, stunned, quickly snapped out of her thoughts.


Without waiting for her response, Vincent denied lightly, “No, we don’t know each other.”


His attitude was a little defying towards her; everyone could see that.


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However, it was also true that Vincent, just like Hunter, kept a respectful distance between themselves and women.


The way Emily was staring at him was like her eyes glued onto him, his behavior was normal.


Hunter's grandfather cleared his throat and said, his tone a bit cold, “It's almost time.”


He stood up.


As he stood up, except for the grandma in the wheelchair, everyone else stood up as well.


Emily knew that she was being impolite. However, a moment ago, she really couldn’t control her emotions.


She was extremely happy. Other people could not understand this kind of excitement and joy.


“Emily, come push me!” Grandma didn't think much about it.


Every time Emily came to visit, Grandma especially liked to talk to her and get along. Even, Vincent, who had just returned home, was thrown aside her.


Emily immediately walked behind grandma and pushed her wheelchair carefully.


Grandfather walked ahead, and Emily pushed Grandma's wheelchair behind him. As for Hunter and Vincent, they walked at the end.


“So, this is your fiancée?” Vincent stared at the slender figure in front of him, his expressions getting colder.


“Yeah.” Hunter responded, but did not explained any further about her.


“Do you really want to marry her?” Vincent asked again.


However, Hunter asked another question instead of replying, “Are you back for good this time?”