Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 20: Who dares to touch my woman?


Emily was beaten to a daze. She couldn't even see clearly.


In her daze, she could see that Charles was looking at her but didn't do anything.


Her father is so scared of the second master of the Jackson family that he doesn't even dare to protect his own daughter.


Wendy looks at her and was laughing within. This slut, if she is undressed by Manson, Hunter will definitely not want her anymore. Thereafter, she can easily deal with her, no difference with stepping on a worml


Manson grabbed onto Emily's clothes, this woman didn’t have any strength to defend herself!


He laughed coldly: "Dare to hit me? Now [ÏÍ show you the consequence of hitting me!”


Both his hands were holding onto her dress and was about to pull downwards. Emily bit down on her lips, staring coldly at the person in front of her, just as he was about to tear off her clothes, she used all her strength and head-butted him.


forehead was hurting and he raised his hand to rub it. He felt a warm sensation of


to this extent and she still dares


last moment hurt Manson. How brave was her to fight for herself! She was only a petite and seemingly weak little lady but with a


witnessed it couldn't resist but shudder. This girl


condition wasn't any better than Manson. The side of her forehead was


"Undress her and release her video clip onto the internet


cool down Master Manson! Please cool down." Charles was like an ant on a hot plate


a girl, if you do this... if you do this you will




in preparation.


butt took up all her strength. Now the bodyguards' hands were on her dress and she didn't have any strength to resist. She didn't expect that after the reincarnation, she still couldt escape from being harmed by Manson and Wendy. The two bodyguards exchanged looks and clenched their teeth and were about to tear off her


her eyes and waited for the inevitable. Her face and forehead were covered with blood but there wasn't a single tear. Crying is a display of weakness,


still doesn't beg for mercy. But even if she does, he definitely worrt release her


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