Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 19: Shame, he is worse than the devil


Emily was unable to escape. The two bodyguards caught up to her in an instant.


Hearing the commotion, Charles hurries over and saw the two bodyguards holding onto Emily. He quickly asks: "Master Manson, what happened?”


“Emily bullied Wendy, Mr. Gale, do you intend to protect this bitch?” Manson asked angrily


Charles panicked and quickly explains: "ltwas Wendy's mother s fault. Master Manson, this has nothing to do with Emily."


The Gale family and the Jackson family's status were not on par. How does Charles dare to offend Manson?


Previously he heard that he was chasing Wendy but he wasn† sure about it. When he saw that Wendy was more interested to be with Hunter, he didn't pursue the issue.


But now, Manson wants to speak up for Wendy, does it mean that they are together?