Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 18: Catch and cut the hand off


Wendy was slapped twice and although the swell had receded, there was still a slight red mark. But a beauty is still a beauty and even if there is a red mark on her face, she still lòoks beautiful as ever.


The title Bentson City's most popular socialite didn't come without reason. Wendy was truly beautiful.


"Manson, Mom... mom was being driven away by father.' Wendy cries and tears flowed. Manson's heart hurt deeply.


His goddess vanished and instantly Wendy became his hearts most precious girl. How can he endure it when his woman is hurt?


"What happened? Why did Mr. Gale send your mother away?”


"It's all because of her!" Wendy pointed to Emily who was a distance away. She continues: "Don't know what the hell she ate and now the blame is on me.


"Mom wanted to protect me and took all the blame. In fact, Mom was innocent."