Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 14:  As long as l am happy


Hunter came out of the bathroom and his short hair was still dripping wet.


Sexy, attractive, dashing all rolled into one! Simply irresistible!


Emily heard herself swallowing a gulp of saliva but she definitely will not admit, having lived two lifetimes, that she still has any feelings towards this man. lt must be a mistake!


"Master .Jackson, if you are angry that I disrespected you tonight, I can apologize and accept your punishment!" She leaned against the door and forced herself to sound composed.


Hunter looked at her calmly and walked to the study table, he looked around the room.




Emily suddenly remembered that this man has a habit of drinking red wine before going to bed. She wanted to open the door and let the servants bring the wine but just as her hand touched the door, she retracted her hand.


"Master .Jackson, my apologies, we don't have wine at home" Without wine, he can't sleep.


Hunter had a problem with insomnia for five years and it hadn’t gotten any better.


I have someone send you back to


can drive this master away, she can plan for her escape


did he mean? Emily didn't


you are so eager to move to my mansion, then just pick a


that someone will


man! No matter here

Master .Jackson, you don't really like me,


that I like you.' Hunter sat down on the


this could be true, can he not be so blunt about it.


do you still want us to be engaged? I said before that m



to get?" Hunter raised his eyebrow, his


deliberately distancing from me, canceling the engagement ceremony, are these


together, when they first met, she was like bees to honey and tried all means


only is she more courageous, but she also doesn't look at


to get close to you,

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