Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 5: Woman, you asked for it


Finally, Liam found a place and the car stopped by the seaside. Liam jumped out immediately. With a firm thud the door closed and locked. As fast as Liam could, he disappeared into the darkness.


In the car, the man's shirt has become ruffled. His expression remained cold and emotionless but sweat started to bead down his forehead and cheeks. He looked Irresistible seductive.


His sweaty hands grasped her tiny hands tightly and a muted voice said, "Emily, do you know what you are doing?”


"I..." Emily shook her head, she didn't know a thing.


Hunter s eyes squinted, "Do you know who l am?”


Little did he expect that there would be a day when a silly girl caused him to lose control.


But he wanted her to know clearly who the person before her was.